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Medical math: Baffled by health care billing

Medical billing has me wholly baffled.

A fairly routine medical test, which took less than an hour, supposedly cost $3,765.24. That’s what my medical insurance claim summary report says. It’s listed right under the “Provider Charges” heading.

The very next column lists “Allowed Amounts” and this magic number: $532.67.

Finally, the “Patient Share” figure is listed: $103.52.

Let’s summarize, shall we?

  • Hospital claims:   $3,765.24
  • Insurance accepts:  $532.67
  • Patient must pay:    $103.52

Sorry, wrong number.

It just doesn't add up!

Where do they come up with this stuff? One thing is clear: The cost is not the cost. In fact, there seems to be no hard-and-fast actual cost at all. (OK, that's not clear at all.)

Who would ever pay the full price, anyway? And who taught these guys to do basic math? (Don’t get me started on the Common Core thing.)

Maybe someone needs to go back to Square One. Perhaps the hospital accountants need to have their heads examined. I wonder what that would cost … and who would pay for it.

Many have claimed there’s strength in numbers. After seeing my medical bill, I beg to differ. One plus one equals ... what?

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