Living with M.S.

"Living with M.S. is sort of like training for a long race. The harder you try, and the longer you keep at it, the stronger you become.
Eventually, looking back, you may be amazed at the power you possessed, even when you had no idea it was within your reach." (Linda Ann Nickerson)


Ay-ay-ay! Celebrating another unchanged annual brain MRI

Oh, baby. Thank God. I love a good medical report!

Just had the whole MS workup again, including the annual magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) thing and a neurological exam and a consult with the multiple sclerosis specialist.

And my MRI shows no change – for several years! That is great news!

The unchanged MRI does not indicate I no longer have MS. It doesn’t mean I don’t have relapses or ongoing nagging MS symptoms. I do.

But it does mean my brain shows no new MS lesions (scars) from the MonSter’s attacks.

Good news indeed. I’ll take it.

This happy medical report makes the pre-dawn hospital arrival and the 45 minutes of MRI tunnel clanging and banging and table shaking well worth it.

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