Living with M.S.

"Living with M.S. is sort of like training for a long race. The harder you try, and the longer you keep at it, the stronger you become.
Eventually, looking back, you may be amazed at the power you possessed, even when you had no idea it was within your reach." (Linda Ann Nickerson)


Insomnia - Facing MS symptoms from A to Z

Multiple sclerosis makes me tired! When it also steals my sleep, it’s a double whammy! Maybe you’ve been there.

Insomnia is a common complaint for MSers – and probably for multiple reasons.

Sometimes MS-related spasticity can make it hard to sleep. Imagine trying to relax comfortably for the night, while legs or arms or hands or feet or the neck or the back lock up with muscle spasms or rigidity. Tremors can cause similar sleep difficulties, as can multiple overnight bathroom trips.

Some MSers resort to taking daytime naps, if overnight insomnia is a problem. For others, however, even a short catnap early in the day can contribute to sleeplessness later.

MS experts offer several possible ways to encourage better slumber. These include

  • exercising daily (or at least several times weekly)
  • keeping a consistent sleep schedule
  • skipping alcohol and caffeine hours before retiring
  • eating a light and mild snack in the evening
  • cutting back on fluids before bed
  • going to bed when tired
  • establishing a relaxing bedtime routine
  • avoiding bedtime television viewing
  • setting an alarm for morning wake-up

Getting adequate rest is particularly important for anyone battling a chronic medical condition such as MS. Because sudden and overwhelming fatigue is one of the most frequent symptoms assailing those with MS, and this is most likely when the MSer is overtired and stressed, sufficient sleep is a critical concern.

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